an interactive, 1/2 day workshop

to help you create a meaningful life plan. 

Hero On a Mission

Create your life plan

Hero on a Mission is a workshop by Business Made Simple that will guide individuals or groups through the creation of a life plan. It provides a simple and powerfully effective daily planner that will help you achieve the vision for your life.

Make Progress on What Matter Most

By casting your vision and implementing the included planner, you’ll create a healthy work/life balance while making progress on your most important goals.

Helping You Achieve Success

Do you feel like you’re wandering through life?

Successful people don’t drift into their good fortune. They work hard for it. Accomplishing what we want in life takes hard work and dedication. Now more than ever,  a lot of people feel they’ve lost their edge. This workshop will help you regain your momentum.

If you're not sure where to focus each day

If you're not making progress on your projects

If you don't have a vision for the next several years

If you feel overwhelmed and wake up in a fog

If you long to feel productive again

this workshop can help!

Vision Casting

Define your ambitions, prepare for challenges, and step into your calling. 

Goal Setting

There’s a formula that makes goal setting effective and achievable. You’ll see immediate results.


Find healthy work/life balance and prioritize people and relationships over work and tasks.



You’ll no longer wake up in a fog each morning, and you’ll know exactly what needs your focus. 

Who Is Hero on a Mission For?


There’s no one who won’t benefit from the framework of Hero on a Mission. If you’re a business professional or retiree, recent college graduate, or grandparent, the principles in this workshop will have a huge impact on your life.

We’re offering Hero on a Mission FREE in January! 

Small Business Owners

You’ve had an unpleasant and challenging year. Come set a new vision for your future and let yourself dream again.

First Responders

No doubt you’ve questioned your calling in the last many months. Discover how to re-evaluate and recalibrate. Ensure you’re on the best path for yourself and your family.

Ministry Teams

Wow, you’ve served your community with zeal and sacrifice. Come invest in yourself and refocus so you can keep moving forward.

Business & Government Leaders

Your entire landscape looks different from how you imagined it would. You need a clean slate and a clear mind. Come prioritize what’s most important and get back on track.

Parents, Coaches, Educators

We know how hard this year has been for you. Everything you thought you knew to do has been turned upside down. Let’s make it all right again. 

Meet Your Facilitator

I’m Cathy McIntosh—a former corporate gal turned entrepreneur.  I’ve learned a lot of things the long, hard way, but could finally see clearly and gained traction when I applied the principles and frameworks that I’ll help you master. 

It’s so freeing to know what to say yes—and no— to. Since implementing the frameworks of Hero on a Mission, I find I can’t wait to get out of bed each morning—eager to make progress on my goals. This, truly, has been the most productive season of my business life. 

I’ve helped lots (and lots) of people, businesses, and teams propel forward—even amid the uncertainties of our current culture. I’m eager to help you too, in life and in business.

Let’s do this! Hero on a Mission is free for a limited time and I can’t wait to see you inside a workshop!

Cathy McIntosh
Business Made Simple Certified Business Coach

Co-Founder of Integrity Leadership Development


What people are saying about Hero on a Mission

“The Hero on a Mission framework has had the most profound impact on my life—personally and professionally. I have better clarity on where I want my life to go and tactical steps on how to get there.”

Kelly M.

“Why has no one before ever challenged me to set a big audacious life goal and life theme and break that down into pieces? It’s pure genius and I’m so excited to implement.”

Janet T.

“This framework is helping me to shift back to designing my life instead of merely drifting. The clarity I got from the framework is helping me take confident next steps towards a big goal.” 

Bobby M.

It’s easy to get started today

Schedule Your Workshop

We have several dates from which to choose and can schedule a custom date for teams of 3 or more. 

Implement the Framework

This isn’t a workshop about merely learning. You’ll leave the workshop with a life plan, an energizing theme for your life, and a plan to bring it to reality.

Unleash Your Productivity

Get ready to move into the most productive season of your life. The skills and repeatable frameworks you learn in Hero on a Mission will help you gain immediate traction.

When you complete Hero on a Mission

You'll regain your focus

You'll make daily progress toward your goals

You'll have a clear vision for your life

Your life will make sense to yourself and others

You'll feel a deep sense of meaning and purpose

Available Workshop Times for Hero on a Mission

We're offering Hero on a Mission FREE in January

The workshop fee of $75 per person will resume on February 1st.

Click the link with your preferred time and date to register on Zoom. Or request a custom time slot for your group. 

Times shown are in Mountain Time Zone.