At Integrity Leadership Development, we know the frustration of settling for mediocrity while envisioning endless possibilities for success.

If you’re like us, you’ve lived through seasons where putting out fires is the norm and adopting a proactive approach seems just out of reach. It’s just plain wrong that achieving distinction for your career or your organization feels so difficult to grasp.

We get it and know how defeating it feels to see marginal results after investing great effort.

Since 2010, our team of professionals has helped organizations implement plans that bring results.

While serving as a Captain in the Adams County Sheriff’s Office, our founder, Michael McIntosh, could see the agency beginning to stall. He recognized that he was the leader best-suited to bring progress and positive change. He surrounded himself with a solid team who developed his personal brand and established him in a county of nearly 500,000 people as the best candidate for Sheriff.

After winning the election, Michael and his team worked with agency staff to rebrand the ACSO, portray a positive image that earned the notice and respect within the Denver Metro Area, rebuild morale, establish unity, and develop collaboration that crossed political boundaries.

We are committed to helping you reach unrivaled excellence, grow your personal brand, and set your organization apart as experts in the field.  We believe you deserve a robust brand. We’ll help you develop a clear and compelling message that will provide a stepping stone to realizing a greater degree of influence in the field of law enforcement.


Integrity Leadership Development

Michael McIntosh, Sheriff (Retired)

Michael McIntosh, Sheriff (Retired)


Michael understands the stress that surrounds every law enforcement hiring decision. While the incoming Sheriff of a large, metro-area agency, he inherited declining morale, an exorbitant attrition rate, and substantial lack in the experience pool for leadership development. In response, he established a compelling mission, common goals, and re-established trust. This strengthened the hiring process, improved morale, and decreased attrition by nearly 75%.

Jennifer Baessler, SPHR

Jennifer Baessler, SPHR

HR Consultant

Jennifer is a highly experienced HR professional with over 15 years’ experience in a large metro law enforcement agency. She holds her Senior Professional HR Certification and a Justice degree from American University in Washington D.C.

Cathy McIntosh

Cathy McIntosh

Business, Messaging, & Branding Coach

For more than 20 years, Cathy has helped dozens of small businesses, government teams, and ministries adopt solid business frameworks to professionalize and grow their brand. She offers support as a Business Made Simple Certified Coach through leadership, communication, messaging, marketing, and execution.